The Rae Brothers -

A pictorial journey though time

The New Orleans Club, previously 'The Hawthorne' pub, Fourth Banks, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. At that time there was jazz here every night of the week.   
                          Dave Rae                                                      Mac Rae (drums) in the background. At The Redhills Hotel, Durham  (early '70s)
Jam Session At The Bridge Hotel Newcastle-upon-Tyne  (photo W Whittle)       Eddie Piper, bass, Mac Rae; dms. Dave Rae; bjo. Ronnie Young; tpt &vcl. John Saxelby; clnt.  1968. 
Jam at the Bridge.Gordon Solomon; tbn. (Jimmy Hope) Dave Rae;  and  Ronnie Young. (Photo- W Whittle)
Mighty Joe's Band  At "The Honeysuckle" Coatsworth Road, Gateshead. 1970's                    Dave Rae; bjo. Peter Coles; tbn. (Mac Rae drms hidden) Derrick Cogger; tpt. Joe Young, bass.                           (Photo W Whittle)
The Onward New Orleans Jazz Band 1978                                                         Dave Rae,     Oliver Soden (piano)    Mac Rae,     Colin' Kid' Dawson.    Ronnie Robinson,   'Mighty' Joe Young 
The Onward New Orleans Jazz Band with Alton Purnell   1970s
Alton Purnell;pno, Dave Rae;bjo, Pat O'Brien;tbn, Mac Rae;drms, Colin "Kid"Dawson;tpt, Ronnie Robinson;clnt, "Mighty" Joe Young;bass. (at The Lambton Arms, Chester-le-Street, Co Durham)
Alton Purnell and Mac Rae (presentation at The Lambton Arms Chester-Le Street late 1970's)
Mac Rae     at the Lambton Arms, Chester-Le-Street   (Mid 1970's- photo W Whittle)
Ken Colyer with The Onward New Orleans Band  (photo by W. Whittle)   1970's                            Dave Rae, Ronnie Robinson,  Oliver Soden,(pno)  Ken Colyer, Peter Coles (tbn)
Ken Colyer  with The Onward New Orleans Band at The Lambton Arms, Chester-le-Street. (photo W Wittle)
Ken Colyer and Peter Coles                               (photo W. Whittle)
Jazz at Ramside Hall, Co Durham. early '80s                                                Mac Rae; dms.    Joe Young; bass             Pat Halcox; tpt                Dave Rae; bjo.
Alton Purnell and Mac Rae at The New Crown, South Shields.  Early 1980's
Reg Wall's New Orleans Ragtime Band (Party at Ramside Hall) circa.1980s       Reg Wall; tbn.  Clem ; tpt. Roger Myerscough; clnt. Joe Young; bass,  Mac & Dave.
The Rae Brothers Jazz & Blues Trio 1995  (Mac,John & Dave)                          at The Perseverance Arms, Springwell Village, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear.
The Original Rae Brothers New Orleans Jazz Band winter 1995                     (L-R)  Mac Rae,  John Robinson, Ian Brown, Dave Rae, Bob Embleton, Jim Blenkin. At The Perseverence Arms.  
Malc Murphy                                                                                                 A Guest at The Perseverence Arms November 1997
Mac on our way to The Sand Bay Jazz Festival Easter 1998
Alan Robinson and Mac  Sand Bay 1998
Dave with Bill Colyer at Sand Bay Jazz Festival, 1998 
Bill Colyer  Sand Bay Jazz Festival  1998
The Crane River Band  (Pat Hawes out of shot)  Julian Davies, John RT Davies, Colin Bowden, Sonny Morris, Ben Marshal and Monty Sunshine. 1998 
Ian Brown  (photo by Jim Bell)                                                                               3rd May 1932 – 4th January 2011.                                                                   Ian who enjoyed playing in the old ensemble style first took up the trumpet in the early ‘50s and began playing traditional jazz at the Rye Hill Boys Club in Newcastle upon Tyne.  The Crane River Band and in particular Ken Colyer inspired him and  this greatly influenced his playing.                                                                                                                   I first got to know Ian in 1995 when I invited him to join us at "The Perseverance Arms" in Springwell Village, Gateshead to play cornet along with trombonist Jim Blenkin in what was then a weekly jam session run by myself, my brother Mac and bassist John Robinson.   We got our first breaks in 1996 playing for Joan and Eric Lawton at the Whitewater Hotel in Cumbria and then at the Ken Colyer Trust festival in Prestatyn. These sessions were a complete new experience, we were all very nervous as no one there had heard of the band, but it turned out to be a wonderful time for us.                                         Ian left the band in September 1998, occasionally coming back to play the odd session,   his last tour with the band was to finish at Bude in 2003.                                                      Ian was a gentleman and a very good friend.   
At The Outgate Inn, nr Hawkshead, Cumbria. 1997                                       L_R John Robinson, Jim Blenkin. Ian Brown, Dave Rae, Bob Embleton, Mac Rae.
February 12th 1933 - November 2nd 2008                                                Clem’s passion for jazz started in the late ’40s and he particularly loved the playing of  New Orleans trumpeter Bunk Johnson.
In the early 50s, his first regular job was on piano with The Louisiana Jazz Band who     were resident at The Conservative Club in Blaydon, Co. Durham.
In 1954, Clem by this time playing trumpet formed “The Clem Avery Jazzmen”.
He managed to get a residency at The Alexandra, in Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne. which along with The New Orleans Club and The Royal Arcade, became a top local jazz venue   and by the late 50s Clem’s band regularly played at all of these venues.
After a career break in the RAF he reformed his band and continued to build quite a reputation and following, right up to the mid 60s.                                                             During the mid 60s into 70s Clem was mostly playing trumpet and bass in a show-band earning a living in club-land. At home he also played in trombonist Reg Wall’s New Orleans Ragtime Band resident on Tees-side.
By the early 90s Clem was playing double bass at Blaydon Jazz Club with the Roly Veitch Quatet. Then in 1998 came a wonderful renaissance in the form of Rae Brothers New Orleans Jazz Band, this was the perfect platform for Clem’s style of trumpet playing and he had ten wonderful years with the band. When musicians play they give a little of themselves and for over 50 years Clem has given a great deal of himself to a great many people.
Outgate Inn, Cumbria. L-R: Mac, John Clem, Colin, Jim and Dave.
Colin Bowden at The Outgate Inn  1999
The Outgate Inn 1999 with Colin Bowden. 
In The Garden Bar, Darlington Arts Centre Feb. 1999                               John: bass.  Jim; tbn.  Clem; tpt.  Mac; clnt.  Dave; bjo. and Bob Embleton; drms.
Bob Embleton at Darlington Arts Centre 1999    (photo by Jim Bell)                        (Bob was with the band from 1995 to 1999)
Dave & John at Darlington Arts Centre Feb. 1999                                          (This beautiful arts centre sadly closed in 2012)   
Bob Embleton, (a friend),     Mac,     John,         Jim,        Clem.                                            Outside the then venue of "The 1066 Jazz Club" July 30th 1999  
Kirkcudbright Jazz Festival June 2000 (Photo by Jim Bell)                                                               John; bass. Jim; tbn. Clem; tpt.  Mac; clnt.  and Gordon Pettit; drums.
Kirkcudbright 2000 (School Hall) (Photo by Jim Bell)
Relaxing at Kirkcudbright 2000 (Photo by Jim Bell)  L-R Jim Blenkin,  Dave Rae, Gordon Pettit, Mac Rae, Clem Avery, John Robinson (foreground  friend  Wilf Whittle).
Keswick Jazz Festival May 2001 with Gregg Stafford (Photo by Allan Weller)              Jim Blenkin, John Robinson, Gregg Stafford, Gordon Pettit, Mac and Dave Rae.
Gregg Stafford and Clem Avery
Rae Bros Band with Gregg Stafford at Keswick 2001                                                            L-R : Dave, John,  Mac,   (a friend) Gordon,  Clem, Gregg   and   Jim.