Recording No. 2

"From Newcastle To New Orleans"

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Track Details

  • 1)..Cradle Song(Brahms)CD cover of From Newcastle To New Orleans.
  • 2)..Franklin St Blues
  • 3)..Sing On
  • 4)..Go To New Orleans
  • 5)..The Glory Of Love
  • 6)..One Sweet Letter From You
  • 7)..On The Trail To Home Sweet Home
  • 8)..Some Day You'll Want Me To Want You
  • 9)..Collegiate
  • 10) C.C.Rider
  • 11) Silver Belle
  • 12) My Life Will Be Sweeter Some Day
  • 13) Snag it
  • 14).When The Moon Comes Over The Mountain
  • 15) It's No Secret What God Can Do
  • 16) 1919 March
  • 17) Moonlight On The Colorado

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