Recording No. 4

"Echoes From The Dance Halls"

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Track Details

  • 1)...Yours.
  • 2)...April In Portugal.
  • 3)...Milneburg Joys.CD cover Echoes From The Dance Halls
  • 4)...Ice Cream.
  • 5)...Storyville Blues.
  • 6)...Moose March.
  • 7)...You Are My Sunshine.
  • 8)...When The Saints Go Marching In.
  • 9)...Amor.
  • 10).Let Me Call You Sweetheart.
  • 11).Ciribiribin.
  • 12).Careless Love.
  • 13).The Old Hickory Cane.
  • 14).Tishomingo.
  • 15).Big Chief Battleaxe.
  • 16).Its Nobody's Fault.
  • 17).Darkness On The Delta.
  • (Hear a sample of CD four)
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    The audio sample is from track two and is just over one minute.

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