Recording No. 11

Available on CD  Running time...78m 27s.


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Track Details  Reg no. PKCD-351  P.E.K. Sound  
  • 1)...Toot Toot Tootsie Goodbye
  • 2)...Memories **
  • 3)...It Looks Like A Big Time Tonight
  • 4)...Lord Let Me In The Lifeboat
  • 5)...Ramona
  • 6)...Yes Yes In Your Eyes
  • 7)...Indian Sagua
  • 8)...Boogie Woogie Stomp
  • 9)...Bogalousa Strut
  • 10).Beautiful Ohio
  • 11).Deep In The Hart Of Texas **
  • 12).I Wonder What's Become Of Sally
  • 13).Joe Avery's Piece
  • 14).The Cat's Got Kittens *
  • 15).Saturday Night Function
  • 16).Get Out Of Here And Go Home
cd cover  "Memories"






The Players

  Mac Rae; clarinet , vocal**.  Jim Blenkin; trombone, 

Ian Wynne; piano .  Dave Rae; banjo, Kenny Milne; drums.

John Robinson; double bass   Steve Graham; trumpet, vocal *



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